Faithfull Club Hammer 2.5lb:

A general purpose hammer for building and demolition applications. Ideal for delivering close heavy blows to a cold chisel or a bolster. The striking faces are specially hardened and heat treated before being precision ground and fitted to a fibreglass handle. Manufactured in accordance to BS876.


Faithfull Claw Hammer 567g:

This claw hammer has a polished steel head which has been correctly hardened and tempered. Fitted with a fibreglass handle which is lightweight, extremely strong and resist ant to moisture. Manufactured in accordance to BS876.​​​​​​


Thorex Plastics Hammer 675g:

  • Faces are designed to wear and to be replaced by hand.
  • All faces are one piece moulded.
  • No metal pegs or inserts to damage the workpiece when worn.
  • 290mm long


Used, due to the easily interchangeable heads, as a multi purpose striking tool in most assembly applications including engineering, furniture, shopfitting, partitioning, double glazing, injection moulding dies etc.

Hammers (3 Variations)